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Comparison with Chinese Manufacturers

  • Price: Generally, Chinese manufacturers offer gloves at more competitive prices due to economies of scale and lower production costs.
  • Scale & Diversity: Chinese companies typically have a broader range of glove types and materials, given their expansive manufacturing base.
  • Supply Chain: The efficiency of China’s supply chain ensures more consistent and often faster deliveries.
  • R&D: While French brands are known for quality, Chinese manufacturers are making strides in glove technology and quality improvements.
  • Customization & Flexibility: Chinese manufacturers are often more flexible when it comes to customization. This flexibility often makes them more attractive to businesses looking for a bespoke solution.
Mapa Professional
4 Rue de l'Orme Sec, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison, France
Main Products: Chemical protection gloves, cut-resistant gloves, thermal gloves
  • Strengths: Recognized for high-quality materials and ergonomic designs.
  • Weaknesses: Limited global distribution compared to Asian competitors.
Singer Frères
30 Rue du Canal, 67203 Oberschaeffolsheim, France
Main Products: Safety gloves, leather gloves, specialized industrial gloves
  • Strengths: Broad range and excellent craftsmanship.
  • Weaknesses: More localized presence.
30 Avenue de la Gare, 38260 La Côte-Saint-André, France
Main Products: Protective gloves for various industries including gardening and agriculture
  • Strengths: Specialized gloves with excellent grip and protection.
  • Weaknesses: Limited to specific niches.
Franz Mensch France
4 Avenue de l'Europe, 77600 Bussy-Saint-Georges, France
Main Products: Disposable gloves, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves
  • Strengths: Competitive pricing within Europe, quality assurance.
  • Weaknesses: Narrower range compared to global competitors.
ZA Les Petits Carreaux, 2 Avenue des Roses, 94386 Bonneuil-sur-Marne, France
Main Products: Chemical-resistant gloves, industrial gloves
  • Strengths: Quality and diversity of products.
  • Weaknesses: Less brand recognition outside Europe.
LCH Medical Products
6 Rue Roger Salengro, 69740 Genas, France
Main Products: Disposable medical gloves, examination gloves
  • Strengths: High standards in medical grade products.
  • Weaknesses: Limited to medical products.
Juba Personal Protective Equipment
11 Rue du Stade, 60700 Pontpoint, France
Main Products: Cut-resistant gloves, thermal gloves, mechanical gloves
  • Strengths: Advanced technology integration.
  • Weaknesses: Limited brand recognition outside of France.
Guy Cotten
Kercoz, 29140 Rosporden, France
Main Products: Waterproof gloves, fishing gloves, cold storage gloves
  • Strengths: Highly specialized for marine and cold storage industries.
  • Weaknesses: Niche market focus.
Honeywell Safety Products France
49 Rue Jules Guesde, 69230 Saint-Genis-Laval, France
Main Products: Personal protective equipment, including gloves for various industrial applications
  • Strengths: Comprehensive safety solutions, global recognition.
  • Weaknesses: May face challenges in offering highly specialized gloves.
20, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 77210 Avon, France
Main Products: Flame-resistant gloves for industries such as firefighting and military
  • Strengths: Expertise in flame-resistant technology, commitment to safety.
  • Weaknesses: Niche market focus might limit overall market share.
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