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Comparison with Chinese Manufacturers

  • Volume: Chinese manufacturers generally have a larger output and cater to a broader market, giving them a potential edge in scalability and diversity.
  • Diversity: Chinese manufacturers offer a broader range of glove types, tapping into multiple sectors – medical, industrial, and technological.
  • Price: Due to the massive scale of production and diverse raw material sources, Chinese manufacturers often have more competitive prices.
  • Quality: Both countries produce high-quality gloves, but China’s larger production base means a broader range of quality levels. Some Vietnamese manufacturers are known for very high-quality rubber gloves.
  • Supply Chain: Chinese manufacturers, due to their established industry and global ties, often have a more comprehensive supply chain, ensuring efficient deliveries.
VRG Khai Hoan JSC
Cau Sat hamlet, Lai Hung commune, Bau Bang district, Binh Duong province, Vietnam
Main Products: Latex gloves, nitrile gloves
  • Strengths: High-quality products, large production scale.
  • Weaknesses: Focused primarily on latex and nitrile.
PM Gloves
C4-4.5, Road No. 3, V.O.C - II Industrial Park, Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City, Vietnam
Main Products: Household latex gloves, industrial gloves
  • Strengths: Broad range of gloves.
  • Weaknesses: Less recognized internationally.
Nam Viet Gloves
4 Phan Khiem Ich, Tan Tien, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Vietnam
Main Products: Nitrile gloves, latex gloves
  • Strengths: State-of-the-art facilities, strong R&D.
  • Weaknesses: Emerging player, still building international reputation.
M.R.I. Co., Ltd.
8 Nguyen Hue Boulevard, Ben Nghe Ward Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Main Products: Latex examination gloves, sterile surgical gloves
  • Strengths: High-quality production, international certifications.
  • Weaknesses: Narrow product focus.
Floor 21, V-Tower, 649 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
Main Products: Vinyl, latex, nitrile, poly, and leather gloves
  • Strengths: Diverse product range, global presence.
  • Weaknesses: Faces competition from both domestic and international players.
Quebee Safety
Km 1926, Highway 1A, My Yen Commune, Ben Luc District, Long An Province, Vietnam
Main Products: Nitrile gloves, latex gloves, vinyl gloves
  • Strengths: Comprehensive quality control, experienced manufacturer.
  • Weaknesses: Dependent on global demand.
Kichy Vietnam
No. 3, Nguyen Du street, Ben Thanh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Main Products: Nitrile gloves
  • Strengths: Advanced manufacturing facilities.
  • Weaknesses: Relatively limited product range.
An Phat Holdings
Lot CN3, An Dong Industrial Park, Nam Sach District, Hai Duong Province, Vietnam
Main Products: Polyethylene gloves, nitrile gloves, medical gloves
  • Strengths: Focus on eco-friendly materials, diversified product range.
  • Weaknesses: Intense competition in the market.
Longcane Industries Sdn Bhd (Vietnam Branch)
Lot F8, My Phuoc Industrial Park 3, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
Main Products: Latex examination gloves, powdered gloves, powdered-free gloves
  • Strengths: Specialization in latex gloves, rigorous quality control.
  • Weaknesses: Dependency on latex prices.
Blue Horizon Co., Ltd
18 Street No.5, VSIP II-A, Vinh Tan Ward, Tan Uyen Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
Main Products: Nitrile gloves, latex gloves, medical gloves
  • Strengths: Emphasis on medical-grade gloves, adherence to international standards.
  • Weaknesses: Competitive market landscape.
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