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Comparison with Chinese Manufacturers

  • Price: Chinese manufacturers offer gloves at more competitive prices due to economies of scale and lower production costs.
  • Range: Chinese companies typically have a broader range of glove types and materials, given their expansive manufacturing base.
  • Supply Chain Efficiency: The efficiency of China’s supply chain ensures more consistent and often faster deliveries.
  • Customization & Flexibility: Chinese manufacturers are more adaptive when it comes to product customization, catering to specific client needs.
Majestic Products B.V.
Spuiweg 8, 5145 NE Waalwijk, Netherlands
Main Products: Work gloves, safety gloves, cut-resistant gloves
  • Strengths: High-quality materials and commitment to worker safety.
  • Weaknesses: More localized presence in Europe.
Ansell Healthcare Europe NV
Riverside Business Park, Blvd International 55, 1070 Brussels, Netherlands
Main Products: Medical gloves, industrial gloves, surgical gloves
  • Strengths: Global reputation for quality.
  • Weaknesses: Pricier than some competitors.
Uvex Safety Gloves
Marconistraat 1, 6902 PC Zevenaar, Netherlands
Main Products: Cut-resistant gloves, heat-resistant gloves, chemical protection gloves
  • Strengths: Advanced technology and innovative designs.
  • Weaknesses: Limited brand recognition outside of Europe.
Weteringstraat 15, 7041 GW 's-Heerenberg, Netherlands
Main Products: Disposable gloves, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves
  • Strengths: Competitive pricing and broad range.
  • Weaknesses: More focused on disposable glove market.
Grippaz Benelux B.V.
De Veken 330, 1716 KJ Opmeer, Netherlands
Main Products: Nitrile gloves with specialized grip design
  • Strengths: Unique patented grip design.
  • Weaknesses: Niche market focus.
DBL Group
Waalhaven O.z. 83, 3087 BM Rotterdam, Netherlands
Main Products: Disposable gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves
  • Strengths: High production capacity and competitive pricing.
  • Weaknesses: Less diversified compared to global competitors.
De Roeve Safety Gloves
Nieuwegracht 11, 3763 LP Soest, Netherlands
Main Products: Industrial gloves
  • Strengths: Specialization in work gloves, commitment to quality.
  • Weaknesses: May face competition from larger manufacturers.
Seinh├║sterpaed 4, 8447 GB Heerenveen, Netherlands
Main Products: Industrial supplies, including gloves for various applications
  • Strengths: Comprehensive product offerings, strong distribution network.
  • Weaknesses: Gloves might not be their primary focus.
Towa Europe B.V.
Arent Krijtsstraat 1-5, 8081 HL Elburg, Netherlands
Main Products: Industrial gloves
  • Strengths: Expertise in precision gloves, commitment to quality.
  • Weaknesses: Niche market focus might limit overall market share.
Watson Gloves
Westsingel 40, 5801 TW Venray, Netherlands
Main Products: Known for producing a variety of gloves for industrial, construction, and outdoor use
  • Strengths: Versatile glove offerings, customization options.
  • Weaknesses: Intense competition in the glove market.
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