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Cut Level 4 Gloves Manufacturer

Amsafe’s Cut Level 4 Gloves are a fantastic choice for environments that require a higher level of hand protection. These gloves are designed to provide excellent resistance against cuts from sharp objects, making them ideal for jobs involving handling glass, metal, or other sharp materials.

These gloves are built with advanced materials and technology to not only offer superior protective features but also maintain comfort and durability. With their snug fit, they allow for precise movements and provide improved grip.

Choosing Amsafe’s Cut Level 4 Gloves means you’re investing in a brand that puts safety first without compromising on comfort or performance. Our gloves are produced following strict quality standards, and our BSCI, ISO, and SATAX certifications attest to our commitment to maintaining these high standards.

At Amsafe, we believe in delivering more than just a product. We offer comprehensive hand protection solutions tailored to meet different needs and working conditions. Our Cut Level 4 Gloves represent one of our many protective gloves designed to address diverse applications.

8.double dipped nitrile coated cut resistant gloves

Exceptional cut resistance amalgamated with oil and chemical defence. Perfect for challenging and rigorous work environments.

Unmatched cut protection with Kevlar lining, suitable for heavy-duty tasks requiring extreme safety.

3.level5 hppe knitted long arm sleeves half finger cut resistant gloves

Arm protection against cuts and abrasions for various industries. Durable and ergonomic design.

Perfectly suited for tasks such as welding and metalwork, these gloves provide dual protection against cuts and heat, encapsulating safety and endurance.

Dependable safeguard against cuts and impacts, rendering them apt for undertakings in construction and machinery operation.

Exclusively crafted for the glass industry, these gloves proffer exceptional resistance to cuts while preserving meticulousness in maneuvering glass substances.

Durable and Long-lasting: Crafted for Rigorous Use

Amsafe’s Cut Level 4 Gloves stand apart not just for their superior protection, but also for their resilience and longevity. Built from top-grade materials, these gloves are designed to withstand demanding use across different industries.

Whether you’re handling sharp objects, working with heavy machinery, or dealing with hazardous materials, our gloves maintain their protective properties even under extreme conditions. Their durability doesn’t fade with time, ensuring your hands stay safeguarded for longer. This prolonged lifespan not only provides continual protection but also results in cost savings for businesses.

With Amsafe’s Cut Level 4 Gloves, you don’t just invest in a product, but a long-term safety solution. Choose Amsafe, and equip your hands with durable protection that truly lasts.

Cut Protection Technology

Multifunctional Use: Protection for Every Industry

Amsafe’s Cut Level 4 Gloves are not limited to a single sector. Their superior design and high-quality construction make them suitable for a wide variety of industries. Whether you are working in construction, handling heavy machinery in manufacturing, dealing with glass in glazing work, or fabricating metal, our gloves provide the ultimate hand protection solution.

Their exceptional cut and puncture resistance, coupled with a comfortable fit and flexibility, make them an indispensable tool for any high-risk task. These gloves are designed to adapt to your needs, offering high-level protection in any environment. By choosing Amsafe’s Cut Level 4 Gloves, you’re not just getting a protective accessory – you’re investing in reliable, industry-grade protection that is as versatile as your work demands. Trust Amsafe to deliver safety that works as hard as you do.

What does cut level 4 mean on gloves?

Gloves of cut level 4 confer a superior degree of resistance to cuts. They are engineered to guard against moderate to high cut dangers, such as manipulation of glass, sharp metal, or tools.

What is the best cut level for gloves?

The best cut level for gloves depends on the specific task and the level of protection required. For most industrial applications with moderate to high cut hazards, Level 4 or 5 gloves are often preferred.

What is Level 5 cut-resistant gloves?

Level 5 cut-resistant gloves offer the highest level of cut protection in the ANSI/ISEA cut resistance classification. They are suitable for tasks involving extremely sharp objects or materials.

What is the difference between cut D and cut 5 gloves?

“Cut D” and “cut 5” denote identical levels of resistance to cuts. The ANSI/ISEA standard employs numerical levels (1 to 9) to signify cut resistance, with Level 5 standing as one of the paramount levels.

What is a cut 3 glove?

A cut 3 glove proffers a middling degree of protection against cuts. It is fashioned to guard against modest cut hazards, like manipulation of glass or lightweight sheet metal.

What are the most cut-resistant gloves?

The most cut-resistant gloves are typically rated at Level 5 in the ANSI/ISEA cut resistance classification. However, the choice of glove should be based on the specific requirements of the task.

Are cut-resistant gloves worth it?

Cut-resistant gloves are indeed valuable if one is involved in undertakings that introduce sharp objects and cutting dangers. They can aid in averting injuries and are indispensable for ensuring safety in numerous industries.

What is A7 cut rating?

A7 is a cut rating on the ANSI/ISEA scale, indicating a high level of cut resistance. Gloves with an A7 rating provide excellent protection against cut hazards.

What are cut level 2 gloves?

Cut level 2 gloves furnish a low to moderate degree of protection against cuts. These are fitting for tasks with minimal cut perils, such as the light handling of non-sharp materials.

What level of cut resistance for glass?

For the manipulation of glass, it is recommended to utilize gloves with a minimum of Level 3 or Level 4 cut resistance to safeguard against potential glass-related cutting dangers.

What is cut level C gloves?

Cut level C gloves provide a moderate level of cut protection, typically falling between Levels B and D. The specific protection offered may vary depending on the manufacturer and glove design.

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