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Experience superior hand protection with Amsafe’s EN407 Gloves. With more than 15 years of expertise in hand safety, our gloves are designed to meet the rigorous EN407 standards, ensuring optimal protection against thermal risks including contact heat, convective heat, radiant heat, small splashes or large quantities of molten metal.

Produced in our advanced factory with six production lines, our capacity enables us to reliably deliver 150,000 pairs of high-quality gloves each day, meeting the varied needs of our customers.

Amsafe’s EN407 Gloves are part of our comprehensive product range, each tailored to meet specific customer requirements. We offer free samples, swift shipping, and exceptional customer service to our B2B clients, including distributors, agents, and retailers across the globe.

Invest in Amsafe’s EN407 Gloves and enhance your safety measures. With us, you’re not just purchasing a product, but investing in a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Experience the Amsafe difference today.

Please note: EN407 is a European standard that rates the level of protection provided by safety gloves against thermal risks.

Ensure your hands stay safe from high temperatures with our EN407 Heat-Resistant Gloves. These gloves are tested and certified to resist extreme heat, making them ideal for handling hot objects in industries like metalwork, glass manufacturing, and cooking.

Protect your hands from fire hazards with our EN407 Flame-Resistant Gloves. These gloves meet the EN407 certification for resistance against flammability, perfect for applications like welding and firefighting.

Safeguard your hands from molten metal splashes with our EN407 Molten Metal Splash Resistant Gloves. Certified under the EN407 standard, these gloves provide excellent protection against small and large splashes of molten metal, making them ideal for foundry work, metal casting, and smelting.

Superior Thermal Protection: Engineered for Excellence

In industries where exposure to heat and fire is part of the job, the right protective gear is crucial. That’s where Amsafe’s EN407 Gloves come in. These gloves are specifically designed to provide unparalleled thermal protection, safeguarding users from various forms of heat risks.

Our gloves are meticulously engineered with advanced materials that offer high resistance to radiative, contact, and convective heat, making them ideal for jobs involving heat and fire exposure. This high level of protection doesn’t come at the expense of comfort or functionality – our EN407 Gloves are also designed to be comfortable and flexible, ensuring optimal task performance. By choosing Amsafe’s EN407 Gloves, you’re choosing a product that delivers on its promise of superior protection and performance.

Unwavering Quality Assurance: Meeting EN407 Standards

At Amsafe, we believe in providing gloves that ensure outstanding protection against thermal risks.

Our EN407 Gloves embody this promise. Each pair of gloves is rigorously tested and certified to meet the EN407 standard. This certification guarantees that the gloves offer resistance against extreme heat and fire exposure – from radiant and convective heat to large splashes of molten metal. In industries such as metallurgy, glass manufacturing, and firefighting, where the risk of thermal injuries is high, our EN407 Gloves offer invaluable protection.

When you choose Amsafe’s EN407 Gloves, you are not only selecting a product, but you’re placing your trust in our commitment to safety, quality, and protection.

What does EN407 mean on gloves?

EN407 on gloves signifies that the gloves conform to the European standard for protection against thermal risks. This standard includes tests for flammability, contact heat, convective heat, radiant heat, small splashes or large quantities of molten metal.

What is EN407 Level 1 contact heat?

EN407 Level 1 contact heat signifies that the glove can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius (or 212 degrees Fahrenheit) for a minimum of 15 seconds.

What is the EN standard for waterproof gloves?

The EN standard for waterproof gloves is EN 374. This standard assesses the glove’s resistance to permeation by water and other liquids and chemicals.

What is the European safety standard for heat resistant gloves?

The European safety standard for heat-resistant gloves is EN407. This standard tests for various thermal risks, including contact heat, convective heat, and radiant heat.

What is EN407 specification?

The EN407 specification includes six performance levels related to flammability, contact, convective and radiant heat, and resistance against small and large splashes of molten metal. Gloves are tested against these categories and a performance level (from 1-4, with 4 being the highest) is assigned.

What is the EN standard for leather gloves?

Leather gloves are typically evaluated under the EN 388 standard, which measures resistance against mechanical risks. However, specific applications may require additional standards.

What is the EN number for gloves?

The EN number for gloves varies based on the protection they provide. EN 388 is for mechanical risks, EN 407 is for thermal risks, EN 374 is for chemical and microorganism risks, and EN 455 is for medical gloves.

What are CE approved gloves?

CE approved gloves have met the safety requirements of the European Union (EU) and carry the CE (Conformité Européene) mark, indicating they have been assessed and comply with EU safety, health, and environmental protection standards.

What is the standard EN407 2004?

The standard EN407 2004 is a European standard that defines the performance requirements for gloves which protect against heat and/or flame.

What is the difference between A2 and A5 gloves?

A2 and A5 refer to cut resistance levels in the ANSI/ISEA classification system, with A2 offering basic cut resistance and A5 offering high cut resistance.

How do I choose heat-resistant gloves?

Choosing heat-resistant gloves depends on the specific thermal hazards you face. Consider factors such as the type of heat (contact, radiant, convective), the temperature, potential for flames or molten metal splashes, and the duration of exposure. Gloves should be selected that meet the relevant EN407 performance levels for these hazards.

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