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Nitrile Coated Cut Resistant Gloves Manufacturer

Amsafe is the best place where you can find high-quality nitrile coated cut resistant gloves and further protective gloves.

We offer affordable yet superior in quality gloves. All gloves are custom-made to your requirements.

  • Quality: Fully certified nitrile coated cut resistant gloves
  • Experience: Trusted factory for over the 15 years
  • Custom-Made: Contains experienced and skilled engineers
  • Support: Offer 24/7 reliable assistance

Amsafe Nitrile Coated Cut Resistant Gloves

Seeking superior hand protection for critical tasks? Look no further than Amsafe’s nitrile coated cut resistant gloves.

These gloves feature a thick nitrile coating, making them anti-cut and the perfect choice in industries like medicine and food service where safety is paramount. Offering an exceptional level of protection in comparison to standard gloves, they are the go-to option for projects requiring advanced safety measures.

Our gloves provide robust defence against tears, cuts, punctures, and abrasions. Their resistance to oils and chemicals makes them an outstanding choice for tasks involving contact with such substances. They are an excellent tool for safeguarding workers from hand injuries.

Choose Amsafe nitrile coated cut resistant gloves when you need robust protection against common hazards. Backed by our team of skilled engineers, we ensure that every pair of gloves we produce meets the highest standards of safety.

We offer these gloves for all types of working conditions. Besides providing top-notch protection, our gloves are non-irritating, cost-effective, and fully cut-proof.

1.pu nitrile coated cut resistant gloves
  • Sensitivity and Dexterity: Ideal for tasks requiring precision and a delicate touch.
  • Chemical Protection: Provides a strong barrier against various harmful substances.
  • Abrasion Resistant: Designed to resist wear and tear, ensuring durability in challenging environments.
  • Cut Resistant: Protects hands from sharp objects and edges.
Non Slip Nitrile Coated Cut-Proof Gloves
  • Thick Nitrile Coatings: Enhance grip and durability while lowering the risk of tears and cuts.
  • Comprehensive Protection: High-level protection for hands and fingers during hazardous tasks.
  • Cut-Proof Design: Reliable shield against sharp objects and edges.
Nitrile Coated Anti Cut Industrial Gloves
  • Nitrile Coatings: Offers protection against snags, cuts, chemicals, oils, and abrasions, ensuring safety in tough work conditions.
  • Comfortable Fit: Provides high comfort, enabling prolonged use without discomfort or fatigue.
4.anti cut full dipped nitrile coated gloves
  • Decreased Hand Fatigue: Designed to minimize hand fatigue for comfortable, extended wear.
  • Full Protection: Offers protection against punctures, cuts, and chemicals, suitable for various industrial applications.
  • Excellent Grip and Dexterity: Despite their protective features, these gloves allow for precise and efficient work due to their excellent grip and dexterity.
5.nitrile foam coated cut resistant gloves
  • Extreme Protection: Provides superior protection against infections, abrasions, cuts, and skin irritations.

  • Ideal for Sensitive Environments: Perfect for use in hospitals, clinics, and food processing facilities where hygiene and safety are crucial.

Nitrile Coated Cut Resistant Safety Gloves
  • Precision Fit: Provides an accurate fit to ensure they stay securely in place during work activities.

  • Customization Options: Available with customization options like prints and colors, combining practicality with visual appeal.
  • Multifaceted Protection: Offers versatile protection against multiple threats such as burns, cuts, punctures, skin infections, and irritations.

7.hppe nitrile coated cut resistant gloves
  • Dual Nitrile Coatings: Boasts double nitrile coatings for superior grip, protection, and durability.

  • Safety Priority: Designed with safety as the top priority offering excellent cut resistance and mechanical strength, suitable for various working conditions.
  • Dexterity and Comfort: Despite robust protection, these gloves maintain a high level of dexterity and comfort, ensuring ease of movement.

8.double dipped nitrile coated cut resistant gloves
  • Double Dipped Nitrile Coating: The double nitrile coating provides an excellent barrier against cold temperatures, making these gloves perfect for chilly work environments.

  • Cut Resistance: Offers a high level of cut resistance to protect your hands from sharp objects and potential injuries.
  • Flexibility and Comfort: Despite their robust protection, these gloves remain flexible and comfortable, allowing you to work with ease.

9.freen size nitrile coated gloves
  • Universal Fit: With a free size design, these gloves can fit most hand sizes comfortably, eliminating the need for multiple size options.

  • Nitrile Coating: The nitrile coating provides a secure grip and protection against abrasions, chemicals, and oils, making these gloves suitable for a wide range of tasks.
  • Comfortable Wear: Designed for comfort during extended wear, these gloves allow workers to perform tasks with ease.

Nitrile Coated Cut Resistant Gloves Applications

Nitrile Coated Cut Resistant Gloves are versatile and find applications across various industries and tasks due to their excellent protection and grip. Some common applications include:

  • Construction Sites: These gloves are used in construction for handling sharp materials, cutting, and protecting hands from abrasions.
  • Garbage Collection: Workers in waste management and garbage collection use these gloves to protect against sharp objects and hazardous materials.
  • Automobile Industries: Nitrile-coated cut-resistant gloves are valuable for tasks involving handling sharp or heavy automotive parts.
  • Oil & Chemical Handling: These gloves offer protection against chemicals, oils, and sharp objects in industries dealing with hazardous substances.
  • Heavy Metal & Glass Industries: Workers in metal and glass industries use these gloves to handle sharp and heavy materials safely.
  • Mechanical Handling of Tools & Fasteners: Mechanics and assembly line workers benefit from the excellent grip and protection against sharp tools and fasteners.
  • Assembling Of Products: Nitrile-coated cut-resistant gloves are suitable for assembly tasks, ensuring worker safety and dexterity.
  • General Purpose: These gloves are used for various general-purpose tasks where protection against cuts and abrasions is required
Nitrile Coated Cut Resistant Gloves Applications
Choose Amsafe Nitrile Coated Cut Resistant Gloves

Choose Amsafe Nitrile Coated Cut Resistant Gloves

Amsafe’s Nitrile Coated Cut-Resistant Gloves indeed offer a robust combination of features and protection. With an 18-gauge A2 cut protection liner, waterproof design, and ANSI Level 4 abrasion resistance, they are well-suited for demanding work environments where grip, cut resistance, and durability are essential.

Amsafe’s extensive experience, along with their CE certificates, ensures that you’re getting high-quality gloves that can meet various specific requirements. The availability of OEM and OBM services further allows you to customize these gloves to your unique needs.

For businesses or individuals seeking reliable hand protection, Amsafe’s Nitrile Coated Cut-Resistant Gloves are certainly worth considering. Feel free to reach out to them for more information and to discuss your specific glove requirements.

Learn About Nitrile Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut-Resistant and Touch Screen Compatibility
Green Cut Resistant Gloves

The liners have multiple kinds of composition, depending on market preferences, color, style, grade, material requirements, and so on. Such as C grade is composed of 70D200D PE fiberglass spandex + A grade polyurethane, can also be composed of 400D HPPE, 140D Nylon, 2 threads 75D Polyester, 140D Spandex, 100D fiberglass.

The nitrile-coated gloves are made using 1860 imported nitrile raw material for the dipping process. This ensures that the glove surface is soft, glossy, and offers excellent abrasion resistance. Even after prolonged use, the gloves will not become stiff or inflexible, providing a comfortable wearing experience.

Learn More About Nitrile Cut Resistant Gloves

When sourcing the best safety gloves for your organization, you will often come across samples from various cut resistant gloves manufacturers. While receiving a brand-new, pristine sample might seem like the best representation of quality, there’s more to the story.

Mass Production vs. Handmade Samples

Many businesses and individuals are keen to judge a product by its sample. And why not? Samples serve as a tactile representation of what you can expect. However, when it comes to safety gloves, especially those used in industrial applications, there’s a distinction to be made.

You might come across samples with other customers’ logos on them. At first glance, this might seem off-putting. Why would a company send a sample with another brand’s logo? Doesn’t that seem unprofessional?

Contrary to this initial reaction, there’s a valid reason: Authenticity.

Samples with other logos are typically pulled from mass production batches.

On the other hand, if a manufacturer sends out hand-made samples made just for showcasing, it might not truly represent their mass production standards. A sample made by hand, crafted to perfection, doesn’t always depict the possible variations and minute differences that can arise in large-scale manufacturing.

When you’re in the process of choosing a safety glove provider, consider the authenticity of the samples you receive. A sample pulled from mass production, even if it bears another company’s logo, speaks volumes about the manufacturer’s confidence in their standard production quality.

Remember, in the world of safety gear, it’s not just about aesthetics or initial impressions. It’s about consistent quality, durability, and the assurance that every piece of gear, whether the first or the thousandth, meets the safety and quality standards promised.

So, the next time you receive a sample with another brand’s logo, instead of seeing it as a potential oversight, consider it a mark of authenticity, a window into real-world production quality.

For Cut Resistant gloves, AMSAFE’s size range is EURO standard 7-12 (S-XXXL), technical data sheet and standard SPO can be offered for you to make everything standard before we cooperate, how do you think?

What should you not use nitrile gloves for?

Nitrile gloves should not be used for tasks involving strong ketones, acetone, or certain solvents, as these chemicals can degrade the material. They are not suitable for high-temperature environments either.

What is level 5 cut resistant gloves?

Level 5 cut-resistant gloves refer to gloves that provide the highest level of cut protection based on ANSI or EN standards. These gloves offer substantial defense against sharp objects and are often used in industries with high cut hazards.

What are the benefits of nitrile-coated gloves?

Nitrile-coated gloves provide excellent grip, resistance to oils and chemicals, and good durability. They are commonly used in industries where handling oily or greasy materials is required.

What type of gloves are the best protection against cuts?

Cut-resistant gloves made from materials like Kevlar, HPPE, or steel are the best protection against cuts. They are designed to offer a high level of resistance against sharp objects and are used in industries like construction, manufacturing, and food processing.

Is there a cut-proof glove?

While there isn’t a truly “cut-proof” glove, cut-resistant gloves are designed to significantly reduce the risk of cuts and lacerations. These gloves are manufactured with specialized materials to provide high levels of protection.

What are the disadvantages of cut-resistant gloves?

Disadvantages of cut-resistant gloves can include reduced dexterity and tactile sensitivity compared to regular gloves. Additionally, they may be less flexible, making intricate tasks more challenging.

What is the difference between cut-resistant and puncture-resistant gloves?

Cut-resistant gloves are designed to protect against sharp edges and objects that may cause cuts or lacerations. Puncture-resistant gloves, on the other hand, are designed to provide protection against punctures from sharp objects like needles or nails.

What are the pros and cons of nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves offer a plethora of advantages, encompassing remarkable chemical resistance, puncture resilience, and liberation from latex content. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that nitrile gloves may exhibit reduced tactile sensitivity in comparison to their latex counterparts and may engender sensitivity issues with specific chemicals.

Can bacteria grow on nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves provide a barrier that can help reduce bacterial transmission. However, bacteria can potentially grow on the exterior surface of gloves, especially if gloves are not changed frequently or if proper hygiene is not observed.

Why do hospitals use nitrile gloves?

Hospitals use nitrile gloves because they are latex-free, reducing the risk of latex allergies among healthcare workers and patients. Nitrile gloves also provide good protection against chemicals and pathogens.

When should you wear cut-resistant gloves?

Cut-resistant gloves should be worn when handling sharp objects, working with machinery that poses a risk of cuts, or in industries where exposure to cut hazards is common. They are especially important in tasks like glass handling, construction, and manufacturing.

What is the difference between surgical gloves and nitrile gloves?

Surgical gloves are a type of medical glove specifically designed for use in surgical procedures. They can be made from latex or nitrile. Nitrile gloves are a broader category used in various industries, including healthcare, but surgical gloves are designed for sterile surgical environments.

Can you use Vaseline with nitrile gloves?

Using Vaseline or petroleum-based products with nitrile gloves is generally not recommended, as these substances can degrade the nitrile material and reduce the gloves’ effectiveness. Water-based lubricants or glove-compatible alternatives are preferable for maintaining the integrity of nitrile gloves.

Do cut-resistant gloves protect the back of the hand?

Most cut-resistant gloves are designed to protect the palms and fingers, as they are the primary areas at risk. However, some cut-resistant gloves offer extended cuffs or additional protection on the back of the hand for enhanced coverage.

Do cut-resistant gloves protect against thorns?

Cut-resistant gloves can offer some protection against thorns, but it depends on the level of cut resistance and the specific material used. For working with thorny plants, it’s advisable to use gloves specifically designed for gardening and thorn protection.

What is the PO delivery time?

The normal estimated delivety time is 35-45 days after getting deposit, exactly depends on PO details.

What else should I do after place the order?

Pls advise the artworks of cardboard, sticker, userinformation, Logo print and carton mark as PO detail, if you don’t have, our team would design for you as your wish.

How can I get an exact price?

It’s better to offer your ideal samples for calculating,if don’t have samples, pls figure out your requirement on dipping purity, liner cotton percentage, self weight per pair, packaging and so on.

How do we ensure gloves quality?

You deserve high quality PO manufacturing, package and every steps service. This is why our leading quality system extends throughout our supply and production chain, from liner kniting to final delivery -at every steps of our facility.

Why Opt Nitrile Coated Cut Resistant Gloves for AMSAFE with 13 Years of Excellence?

Hear it from Those Who Know Best: Our Valued Clients. “Why take it just from us? Engage with our esteemed clientele. See if they’re eager to vouch for the quality and expertise we bring to the table. We believe their insights will resonate with you”. Featuring feedback from reputed names like Handcrew, Kalipso, and Portwest, among others.

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