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Experience heightened protection and comfort with Amsafe’s Palm Coated Gloves. With a legacy of over 15 years in hand safety, our gloves are designed to provide superior grip, resistance to abrasion, and safeguards against potential hazards prevalent in various work environments.

Our gloves are produced in our state-of-the-art facility, equipped with six dedicated production lines. This capacity enables us to consistently fabricate and deliver 150,000 pairs of premium gloves daily, catering to the multifaceted needs of our esteemed clientele.

Amsafe’s Palm Coated Gloves are a part of our extensive product suite, tailored to accommodate the distinct needs of each patron. We extend complimentary samples, expedited shipping, and unparalleled customer service to our B2B partners, encompassing distributors, agents, and retailers across the globe.

Invest in Amsafe’s Palm Coated Gloves and elevate your safety standards. With us, your purchase transcends the transaction; you’re investing in a commitment to quality and unwavering customer satisfaction. Experience the Amsafe distinction today.

Offering superior puncture and chemical resistance, our Nitrile Palm Coated Gloves are perfect for industrial and manufacturing tasks. The nitrile coating provides excellent grip, while the breathable material on the back ensures comfort during long hours of wear.

Designed for excellent grip and durability, our Latex Palm Coated Gloves are perfect for handling tasks in construction and general industry. The latex coating provides superior cut resistance, while the uncoated back allows for breathability.

Ideal for precision tasks, our Polyurethane Palm Coated Gloves offer excellent tactile sensitivity. The polyurethane coating provides good abrasion resistance and grip, while the uncoated back ensures comfort and breathability.

Experience Unbeatable Control with Amsafe's Palm Coated Gloves

Amsafe’s Palm Coated Gloves are meticulously designed to provide a superior grip, ensuring utmost safety and enhancing productivity across various work conditions. Whether you’re handling delicate components or operating heavy machinery, these gloves provide the secure grip you need for precision and control.

Our “High Grip Palm Coated Gloves” feature a special coating on the palm, enabling you to securely grasp even slippery or wet objects. This unique feature dramatically reduces the risk of accidents that can occur due to slipping objects, making them an essential safety gear in your toolbox.

Moreover, the excellent grip offered by our gloves also translates into increased efficiency. Tasks that were challenging or time-consuming become significantly more manageable, boosting your overall productivity.

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Versatility for Every Task

Amsafe gloves are designed with versatility at their core, offering users a broad spectrum of applications and uses.

Whether you require safety gloves as a mechanic, need protection while painting, seeking durable gloves for gardening, or require reliable hand coverage for home DIY projects, our gloves meet and exceed these needs.

With Amsafe, you don’t need to purchase multiple pairs of specialized gloves, as our versatile gloves provide the ideal solution for various tasks. Benefit from the convenience of having a single pair of gloves that excel in different settings and applications. This flexibility combined with superior protection and comfort makes Amsafe gloves a standout choice.

What are palm coated gloves?

Palm coated gloves are work gloves with a coating applied to the palm area and sometimes the fingers or fingertips. This coating enhances grip, provides protection, and adds durability to the gloves.

What are rubber palm gloves used for?

Gloves with a rubber palm, commonly featuring a rubber or latex coating on the palm and fingers, are employed for a myriad of tasks necessitating a firm grip, resistance to abrasions, and safeguards against damp or slick conditions.

What is the best coating for gloves?

The optimal coating for gloves is contingent upon the specific task at hand and the nature of protection necessitated. Usual coatings encompass latex, nitrile, polyurethane, and PVC, each proffering distinct advantages.

What is the purpose of nitrile-coated gloves?

Gloves coated in nitrile are crafted to proffer resistance to chemicals, an exceptional grip, and protection from oils, greases, and specific solvents. They are fitting for an extensive array of industrial applications.

What do leather palm gloves protect you from?

Gloves graced with a leather palm confer protection against abrasions, lacerations, and moderate thermal exposure. They are habitually employed in fields like construction, welding, and general tasks demanding heavy-duty exertion.

Do palm rejection gloves work?

Palm rejection gloves are primarily designed for use with touchscreen devices and stylus pens. They work by allowing touch interactions with the screen while preventing accidental palm touches from registering as inputs.

What are the different types of glove coatings?

Prevalent glove coatings encompass latex, nitrile, polyurethane, PVC, rubber, and foam variants. Each category of coating imparts specified advantages, such as enhanced grip, resistance to chemicals, or insulation.

What are gloves that don't cover your fingers called?

Gloves that do not cover the fingers are often referred to as fingerless gloves or fingerless mittens. They provide hand and wrist warmth while allowing full dexterity of the fingers.

What gloves don't leave glove prints?

Gloves that don’t leave glove prints are typically those with smooth, non-textured surfaces. Latex and nitrile gloves, for example, may not leave noticeable prints on surfaces due to their smooth texture.

What is the difference between nitrile gloves and rubber gloves?

Gloves crafted from nitrile, a synthetic rubber, present features such as resistance to chemicals, puncture resistance, and properties free from latex. Contrarily, rubber gloves could denote gloves made from natural rubber latex or gloves adorned with a coating of rubber or latex.

Are nitrile-coated gloves safe?

Gloves coated with nitrile are ordinarily safe for the majority of users, devoid of natural latex proteins which could incite latex allergies. Nonetheless, individuals with particular sensitivities should seek counsel from a healthcare practitioner.

Which is better, polyurethane or nitrile gloves?

The selection between gloves coated in polyurethane and nitrile hinges on the intended use. Polyurethane-coated gloves proffer superior dexterity and tactile sensitivity, contrastingly, nitrile gloves deliver enhanced chemical resistance and endurance.

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