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Essential Technical Points of PU Coated Safety Gloves Every Buyer Must Know

Understanding the technical points is crucial when choosing PU coated safety gloves. This article will provide a detailed analysis of these technical points, including ingredients, process, and price factors. PU coated gloves are a type of advanced safety glove with key features such as cut resistance, slip resistance, oil resistance, good wear resistance and flexibility. The technical points about PU coated gloves will be analyzed mainly from three aspects: ingredients, process and price.


Importance of Ingredients

Ingredients are the key factor determining the performance of the gloves. High-quality raw materials can ensure protective performance while also affecting comfort and durability. For example, high-quality PU resin provides good cut-resistance while premium nylon or fiberglass threads enhance strength and abrasion-resistance. The typical formula includes 400kg of PU + 600-660kg DMF for dipping material to achieve viscosity between 750-900. Additionally certain proportions of accelerators, defoamers and colorants are added.

Impact Of Process

The manufacturing process is another important factor that determines the performance of PU coated gloves. A refined process ensures protection while influencing comfortability and durability too. For instance precise dipping techniques guarantee cut-resistant properties whereas quality drying processes improve strength & wear-resistance in gloves.PU dipped safety glove production capacity is around 20k pairs per day; washing line time approximately takes up to 40 minutes.If DMF isn’t thoroughly removed,the abrasion resistance won’t suffice.Extending time might lead to rotting & falling off along with some odor.

Consideration Of Price Factors

Price factors for PU dipped safety gloves primarily depend on:

  • Branding for raw materials
  • Viscosity level
  • Speed & lengthiness in washing lines
  • Quality core used in making glove.For instance,a single anti-cut knitting machine produces nine dozen pairs daily.The number count varies depending upon the knitting machine used.

Importance Of Choosing A Technically Stable Factory

Choosing a technically stable factory with good reputation is very important. For example, AMSAFE is an experienced and highly technical factory whose PU coated gloves enjoy high prestige in the industry.

Understanding the technical points of PU coated gloves can help you make more informed purchasing decisions. Whether it’s ingredients, process or price factors, these are all important considerations for you. At the same time, choosing a technically stable factory with a good reputation is also very crucial.

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