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Regarding the Issue of Palm Peeling on Latex-Dipped Gloves

Latex crinkle coated gloves, especially 10 gauge 5 threads gloves, pose a technical challenge in balancing the palm peeling and workers’ comfort. For most customers, they are concerned about whether the inside of the coated hand glove leaks adhesive because it can cause discomfort for workers during work. However, in the Latin American market, they are more concerned about the palm of Crinkle latex coated gloves not peeling off. In this market, these Lated Coated gloves are mainly used in mining industry or as construction gloves where there is high intensity work. Therefore, there is a high requirement for the peeling degree of the palm area, especially for thumb dipping style work gloves. If latex does not penetrate into the lining during dipping process, it will be easy for the latex dipped shell to peel off.

Issues and Challenges

There are two common quality problems when producing latex wrinkle-dipped gloves:

  1. The palm area of the latex coated glove never peels off but workers may feel uncomfortable.
  2. The palm area of the latex coated glove easily peels off but workers feel comfortable.


So how do we balance these two extreme issues? This requires strengthening formula management in the first dipping process step. Usually, in this step we use a mixture of methanol and glacial acetic acid to impregnate the liners of the latex coated glove. The ratio between these two components determines both peelability and permeability level during latex dipping process. Therefore, AMSAFE PPE’s production department pays great attention to this point and strictly controls parameters such as temperature during production process as well as viscosity and vulcanization level in second dipping step.


Choosing Technically Stable Factories:

Technical stability is very important when choosing suppliers or factories. AMSAFE PPE ,as an experienced manufacturer of latex gloves has advanced production equipment and professional technical team that ensures quality and stability of their products.They focus on optimizing formulas and improving production processes to ensure good peelability and comfort. So, if you want to choose a technically stable safety gloves manufacturers or factory, AMSAFE PPE would be a good choice.


Balancing the peeling degree of latex wrinkle-dipped gloves is a technical challenge. However, by strengthening formula management and controlling key parameters during production process, it is possible to achieve a good balance. Choosing a technically stable factory like AMSAFE is crucial for ensuring glove quality and stability. When selecting latex glove suppliers, pay special attention to their technical capabilities and quality control to ensure that you get gloves that meet your requirements.

We hope this article has been helpful in choosing latex wrinkle-dipped glove suppliers. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.


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