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Technical Points of Nitrile Dipped Safety Gloves that Buyers Must Know

In the realm of personal safety gear, safety gloves dipped in nitrile are absolutely crucial in shielding people from diverse work-related risks. These gloves offer an ideal combination of robustness, adaptability, and resistance against chemicals, cuts, punctures, and abrasion. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that not every glove is made to the same standard. It’s imperative for prospective buyers to grasp the technical intricacies of these gloves to guarantee they procure items that genuinely cater to their specific requirements.

2 Nitrile-Coated-Hand-Gloves

Materials and Components of Nitrile Dipped Gloves

Nitrile dipped gloves usually use carboxylated nitrile (NIPOL CARBOXYLATED NITRILE) as the dipping material. This material is generated by the polymerization reaction of butadiene and acrylonitrile. The solid content of this material is generally 44%-45%. Styrene-butadiene is a polymer of butadiene and styrene.

In nitrile dipping materials, nitrile and styrene-butadiene are often mixed together, usually in a ratio of 120kg nitrile to 60kg styrene-butadiene, or 90kg nitrile to 90kg styrene-butadiene. Styrene-butadiene has bright and wear-resistant characteristics, but it tends to harden and become brittle, while nitrile mainly has oil resistance.

The components of the nitrile dipping material mainly include nitriles and styrenes with a content about 140-180 kg. In addition, cellulose (sodium carboxymethylcellulose CMC F6) is commonly used as filler to reduce the usage amount pure rubber. Adding cellulose will leave small pinhole-like pits on the surface. Casein serves as a protein food additive for thickening purposes ensuring thickness stability for dipped in nitrite gloves . Sulfur bodies contain sulfur, zinc oxide (for UV protection), antioxidants, titanium dioxide (used as colorant).

9.nitrile full coated work gloves

Manufacturing Process Of Nirtire Dipped Gloves

Before making nitrite-dipped gloves , glove cores need soaking treatment . A common method involves using methanol(Methanol)and calcium nitrate(Calcium Nitrate). Calcium Nitrate dissolves in methanol, forming a paste-like substance that adheres to the surface of the glove core to enhance its impermeability.

The cost of nitrile dipped gloves mainly includes rubber materials (small materials + glue), glove cores, labor, water and electricity costs as well as packaging printing etc.

In addition, sandblasted nitrile dipped gloves are a common type. Their surfaces are covered with fine sand, coarse sand, fine fluff or coarse fluff. They have characteristics such as foamy softness , wear resistance and breathability . The specific styles and surface treatment methods of sandblasted nitrile gloves will vary according to the glove core and customer needs.

8.nylon knitted nitrile coated gloves

Importance Of Choosing A Reliable Factory

When purchasing nitrile dipped gloves , it is particularly important to choose factories with stable technology. AMSAFE factory is a recommended manufacturer for producing nitrite-dipped safety gloves which possesses advanced technology and advantages. By choosing products from AMSAFE factory you can obtain high-quality nitrite-dipped safety gloves .

Choosing factories with stable technology can guarantee product quality performance providing consumers better user experience .

Nirtire Dipped Safety Gloves are an important personal protective equipment widely used in various fields . Understanding technical points about Nirtire Dipped Gloves including material components manufacturing process etc., can help buyers make wiser choices.


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