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Technical Points That Buyers Must Know About Latex Dipped Safety Gloves

In the world of gloves, latex dipped gloves are like a versatile superhero, providing excellent hand protection in any environment. But did you know? Behind these seemingly simple gloves, there are profound technological secrets! Today, let’s explore the technical points of latex dipped gloves and see how these magical gloves are born!

Latex Dipped Safety Glove Product Classification

Latex dipped gloves are gloves that apply a layer of latex on fabric or non-woven fabric. Due to their good abrasion resistance, grip, and cut resistance, they are widely used in various industrial environments. Depending on the treatment of latex, latex dipped gloves can be divided into latex wrinkled dipped gloves, latex foamed dipped gloves, latex sandblasted dipped gloves, and latex smooth dipped gloves. Each type of glove has its unique characteristics and application scenarios.

Latex Wrinkled Dipped Gloves

Latex wrinkled dipped gloves are gloves that create a wrinkled pattern on the surface of the glove to increase the grip and abrasion resistance of the glove. The manufacturing process of these gloves includes batching, dipping, drying, and shaping. The batching stage will choose the appropriate latex and additives according to the purpose and performance requirements of the gloves. The dipping process is to immerse the fabric or nonwoven fabric in the latex solution, allowing it to fully absorb the latex. The drying process is to put the dipped fabric into the oven and use high temperature to solidify the latex and form a wrinkled pattern. The shaping process is to cut the dried fabric into the shape of a glove.

Latex Foamed Dipped Gloves

Latex foamed dipped gloves are gloves that add a foaming agent to the latex solution, causing the latex to form a delicate foam structure, thereby improving the grip and comfort of the gloves. The manufacturing process of these gloves is similar to that of wrinkled dipped gloves, but a foaming agent is added in the batching process, and in the dipping process, the fabric needs to soak in the latex solution for a longer time to allow the bubbles in the latex solution to be fully absorbed onto the fabric. Foamed dipped gloves are widely used in wet and slippery environments and delicate operation environments due to their good grip and comfort.


Latex Sandblasted Dipped Gloves

Latex sandblasted gloves are a type of glove. Latex sandblasted gloves need to be dipped first. When the glue is still in a semi-fluid state, salt particles are sprayed on the glue surface. Since the glue surface is not solidified, the salt particles will be embedded on the glue surface. After baking in the oven, the glue surface solidifies, the gloves are washed with water, and then dried. During the water washing process, the salt will dissolve into the water, and the glue surface will leave a pitted surface, making the sandblasted gloves have a good anti-slip effect. Sandblasted gloves are mostly used on construction sites, but the existing latex sandblasted gloves are very inconvenient when picking up nails, because the gloves are thick, which makes them less flexible. At the same time, in rainy weather or because of accidents, water is spilled on the hand. The water will enter the glove through the back of the latex sandblasted glove, making the workers unable to work in winter because their fingers are too cold, greatly reducing work efficiency.

Latex Smooth Dipped Gloves

Latex smooth dipped gloves are gloves that evenly apply latex solution on fabric or non-woven fabric, making the surface of the gloves smooth. Smooth dipped gloves are widely used in delicate operation environments due to their good flexibility and comfort.

Latex Dipped Safety Glove Raw Materials, Technical Details, and Price Factors

All latex dipped gloves, whether wrinkled, foamed, sandblasted, or smooth, have similar basic raw materials. The differences lie in the minor and auxiliary materials. Just like cooking a dish, the main ingredients are the same, but the flavor will be different with different seasonings. Next, let’s take the latex wrinkled gloves as an example and delve into its ingredients and technical points.

The protagonist of the dipping material is undoubtedly latex, which is the soul of the glove. Its content is usually between 100-180kg. Just like a performance, although the protagonist is important, the supporting role is also indispensable. Here, our supporting role is cellulose (carboxymethyl cellulose sodium CMC F6). Its main duty is to fill, reduce the use of pure rubber, which is so-called cutting corners. But it also has its own special skill, that is, water retention. During the drying process, it will evaporate, leaving small pits like needle eyes on the surface of the finished product. A good factory usually adds 5-10KG, while a cheap small factory may add 30kg. Cellulose also has a thickening effect, but it is mainly used for filling.

Next is our minor materials, these small ingredients play an indispensable role in the gloves. The first is casein, which is a food additive made of protein, mainly used to thicken, ensuring the thickness and adhesion of nitrile. The second is the sulfur body, which includes sulfur, zinc oxide (anti-ultraviolet), antioxidant, titanium dioxide (colorant), and colorant. In addition, the secondary dipping material is mainly a wrinkling agent, usually a mixture of xylene and acetic acid.

To increase the weight of the product, most factories will add heavy calcium or light calcium, light calcium is calcium hydroxide. But a better choice is to add silicon dioxide, because it is more stable. Just like cooking a dish, good ingredients are needed to make a delicious dish. Similarly, good raw materials are needed to make high-quality latex dipped gloves.

Choose a Technically Stable Factory

When choosing latex dipped gloves, a technically stable factory is very important. Because only a technically stable factory can guarantee the quality and performance of the gloves. For example, AMSAFE is a technically stable latex dipped glove manufacturer. They have rich production experience and advanced production equipment and can provide various types of latex dipped gloves to meet different needs.

The technological journey of latex dipped gloves ends here. Do you have a deeper understanding of these magical gloves? Next time you buy gloves, why not start from a technical perspective and choose the most suitable latex dipped gloves for you!

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