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Steel Mesh Gloves Manufacturer

Presenting Steel Mesh Gloves from Amsafe, a trusted name in work gloves manufacturing. Our gloves, forged from high-grade materials, provide superior hand protection for rigorous tasks.

Designed to address customer needs, our Steel Mesh Gloves combine safety and comfort, ensuring hands remain injury-free during heavy-duty work. We leverage our dedicated production line and BSCI, ISO, and SATAX certifications, assuring the highest quality.

Our one-stop supply chain guarantees cost-effectiveness and consistent quality in every pair. Amsafe’s commitment extends beyond product delivery, offering free samples, express shipping, and a dedicated customer service team.

Discover Amsafe’s comprehensive range, including our popular Steel Mesh Gloves. Our 180-day quality warranty and multiple CE certificates reflect our commitment to excellence. Choose Amsafe for hand protection solutions that empower your business.

Ensure optimal hand protection with our Steel Mesh Safety Gloves. Ideal for high-risk environments, these gloves provide superior cut and puncture resistance.

Safeguard your hands in demanding conditions with our Cut-Resistant Steel Mesh Gloves. They offer maximum cut protection, perfect for handling sharp objects.

Enhance workplace safety with our Stainless Steel Chainmail Gloves. Designed for durability and comfort, they provide extreme cut and puncture protection.

Experience the Unmatched Quality and Variety of Amsafe's Steel Mesh Gloves

Amsafe, a trusted name in hand protection, brings to you its superior steel mesh gloves. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our brand is synonymous with quality. Our product is backed by BSCI, ISO, and SATAX certifications, a testament to our commitment to excellence. Each glove is the result of meticulous design and engineering, crafted to meet diverse customer needs.

Our engineers, with over 20 years of experience, ensure that every step of the manufacturing process is up to the highest standards. This dedication to quality makes Amsafe’s steel mesh gloves the preferred choice for B2B customers, including distributors, agents, and retailers. The gloves offer optimal protection without compromising on comfort, making them ideal for a variety of work conditions. Choose Amsafe for unparalleled quality and variety in work gloves. Experience the Amsafe difference today.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness.

Our steel mesh gloves are the epitome of our commitment to combining quality with affordability. Operating six production lines, we maintain an impressive daily output of 150,000 pairs of gloves, ensuring we can meet any demand. Our factory-based model allows us to ensure the highest standards while keeping costs low. But that’s not all.

We offer a one-stop supply chain solution, taking care of everything from production to delivery, saving you the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers. Plus, we offer free samples and express shipping, including destination custom clearance – a testament to our commitment to providing value for money. With Amsafe, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a cost-effective solution that delivers on quality and convenience. Choose Amsafe’s steel mesh gloves and experience the difference that efficiency and cost-effectiveness can make to your bottom line.

What are steel mesh gloves used for?

Steel mesh gloves are primarily used in industries where there’s a high risk of cuts or lacerations, such as food processing, butchering, glass handling, and metalworking.

What is a mesh glove?

A mesh glove is a protective handwear made from interwoven metal rings or steel wires, designed to provide superior cut and puncture resistance.

What do gloves made of metal mesh protect?

Metal mesh gloves protect the hands from cuts, punctures, and abrasions, often encountered in the food industry, metalworking, and other high-risk occupations.

Are metal mesh gloves considered PPE?

Yes, metal mesh gloves are considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) because they protect workers from specific safety hazards, such as cuts and punctures.

Why is metal mesh good?

Metal mesh is good because it offers superior protection against cuts and punctures. It is also highly durable, easy to clean, and offers good dexterity, making it suitable for various high-risk tasks.

What are mesh gloves made of?

Mesh gloves are typically made from stainless steel or other metal alloys, which provide excellent cut and puncture resistance.

When should you wear a cut resistant gloves or metal mesh glove?

Cut-resistant gloves or metal mesh gloves should be worn when handling sharp objects or working in environments with a high risk of hand injuries due to cuts, such as in food processing, glass handling, or metalworking.

What gloves are used for steel work?

Steelworkers typically use leather gloves for general tasks, cut-resistant gloves for handling sharp objects, and metal mesh gloves for tasks that involve a high risk of cuts and punctures.

What are steel gloves called?

Steel gloves are often referred to as chainmail gloves, metal mesh gloves, or cut-resistant gloves.

What are the benefits of biodegradable gloves?

Biodegradable gloves are environmentally friendly as they decompose naturally over time, reducing waste in landfills. They offer the same level of protection as regular gloves, making them a sustainable choice for various industries.

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